Flight Training

Training Info
The CCRC training program has been successfully and safely training new pilots since the club’s inception. Some of the many benefits of enrolling in a club training program include:

  • Significantly faster learning pace than any self-taught method.
  • Less likelihood of damaging your expensive investment due to a crash.
  • Less likely to cause injury to yourself or someone else due to a crash.
  • Learn proven safety practices on the ground and in the air.
  • Learn proper etiquette when flying with others.
  • Benefit from the experience of your fellow club members.

Eric and Student

CCRC uses the “trainer cord” method for teaching new pilots. The student’s “slave” transmitter, is physically connected to the instructor’s “master” transmitter via a thin cable. The instructor controls whether he or the student has control of the plane, at any given time, by holding or releasing a switch on his transmitter. A new student will start out flying 2-3 mistakes high, and as his skills and confidence build, will work his way toward landing and then finally taking off. We teach takeoffs last so the student is not tempted to try it by themselves, before they are ready. CCRC maintains training equipment for Futaba and Spektrum/JR radios. All training is included with your paid membership at no additional cost. We have instructed new pilots of all ages from six years old to seniors. Like any other acquired skill, some students take longer than others to become proficient. We’ll take a pace that you are comfortable with and follow through to your solo flight. During the student’s first solo flight, students must demonstrate their proficiency by completing the CCRC Basic Flight Skills Test . Upon completion, they will be awarded a solo certificate stating that they may fly, unassisted at either of our club fields. We have several instructors and can often accommodate just about any schedule. To get started, contact us via email at info@chestercountyrc.com.

Although we provide training with your paid membership, it is still the new pilot’s responsibility to purchase their own model plane and support equipment. With the popularity of electric aircraft, the E-Flite Apprentice has become one of the most popular trainer aircraft at CCRC over the last few years. It is a sturdy, easily maintained aircraft, that can be purchased, ready to fly (RTF) for around $350. Also popular is the HobbyZone Aeroscout in an RTF package for around $200.

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Basic Flight Principals Valley Forge Signal Seekers VFSS-Principals-Of-Flight.pdf
Wing Washout David Anderson Wing-Washout.pdf